The Revalidation Process

How Does Revalidation Work? 

1. Identify your Designated Body

Firstly, you will need to identify the ‘Designated Body’ that will help you with Revalidation. Typically, this is the organisation through which you do the most of your work, e.g. your hospital, GP practice or locum agency.

If the majority of your work throughout the year is carried out through Corrigan's Door we are probably your Designated Body. If you think this is the case, contact us on

 2. Activate Your Account On The Equiniti Revalidation Management System

Contact Halina Garlacz at Corrigan's Door who will activate you on Equiniti our Revalidation Management System.  You will receive an email with the subject header "Welcome to RMS".  This email contains your login details to Equinti the portal based Revalidation Management System.

Equiniti carry out regular webinars to show you how to use their system.  Please make sure you do a webinar.  They only last 45 minutes and are vital in your understanding of the Revalidation Management System.

3. Engage in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Quality Improvement Activity

You will have a Career Development Plan from your previous Appraisal and should try to complete the tasks, courses, etc. agreed with your Appraiser at your last Annual Appraisal.  Corrigan's Door can help you achieve the required 50 CPD points.  We have arranged free courses that our doctors can complete to ensure you achieve 50 CPD points. If you are planning an audit as your Quality Improvement Activity, please make sure you allow enough time to re-audit, so that you can "close the loop" in order to make conclusions and recommendations. Case studies can also be included in your portfolio as Quality Improvement Activity.  Try to chose cases where you have learned a new skill or important cases, which have resulted in changes in protocol.

For more information on Continuing Professional Development and Quality Improvement Activity, please use the link below to access a very useful document produced by NHS England the "Doctors Medical Appraisal Checklist." 

Make sure you include the full scope of your practice in your portfolio.  

When Equiniti shows that you have completed 100% of your portfolio, please tick the "Pre-Assessment Box".  When this box is ticked an email will be generated to notify your Appraiser that you feel your portfolio is ready to be Appraised.  Your Appraiser will then assess your portfolio and if they feel it does not meet the required standard, they will email you with the items that you need to add.

4. 360 Degree Feedback

Once in every five year Revalidation cycle you will need to collect Multi Source Feedback (MSF) from your patients and colleagues. In the year before your Revalidation date contact and Corrigan's Door will create an account on the Equiniti 360 web based system.  You will be required to supply 15 email addresses of colleagues whom you work with. The colleagues should represent a cross section of healthworkers; doctors, nurses, allied health workers and management, who will be asked to supply anonymous feedback on your performance.  Equiniti will also post you 35 paper patient feedback forms.  You should ask a nurse to hand the feedback form to the patient and collect the completed form, so the patient feels comfortable providing accurate feedback.  It is important that you avoid giving and collecting the feedback forms from patients yourself, as patients may find this intimidating.  When you have collected a minimum of 17 patient feedback forms, please use the pre-paid addressed envelope to post the patient feedback forms back to Equiniti.  As soon as 12 of your colleagues have provided feedback for you, Equiiti will produce your 360 Degree Feedback Report.  This report should be submitted to your Appraiser with your portfolio.

5. Arrange Your Annual Appraisal Meeting

Our Lead Appraiser will contact you and arrange a time for your Appraisal to take place. Your Appraisal will take an average of 3.5 hours.  Your Annual Appraisals will be based on the core guidance for doctors set out in the Good Medical Practice (GMP). Appraisals focus on four main areas:

1. Knowledge, skills and performance
2. Safety and quality
3. Communication, partnership and teamwork
4. Maintaining trust

Essentially, the Appraisal process is there to help you monitor your performance, evidence that you are up-to-date and fit to continue to practice, enable you to reflect on the supporting information you have collected since your last Appraisal and identify areas for practice development. 

6. Revalidation

Based on the feedback from your Appraisals as well as other information drawn from your Designated Body, every 5 years your Responsible Officer will make a recommendation to the GMC that your License to Practise should be Revalidated. The GMC will also carry out its own series of checks, after which your License to Practise will be Revalidated.


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