Revalidation Steps For Our Locum Doctors

Annual Appraisal and Revalidation

Corrigan's Door Locum Agency is a Designated Body and through our in-house Appraisals and our own Responsible Officer we Revalidate our doctors in exactly the same way as an NHS Trust.  Below is a short guide of the steps required to be successfully Revalidated.

1. Register With A Designated Body

Start by logging in to your online GMC Account.  Do a search for "Designated Bodies" and you will be taken to the correct page on the GMC website.  Then from the drop-down list select the Designated Body you wish to register with.  This will generate an email sent from the GMC to your chosen Designated Body, informing the Designated Body that you have registered with them for Annual Appraisal and Revalidation.  At the same time the GMC will also send you an email showing your Revalidation Date.

2. Build A Portfolio - Your Designated Body will have a Revalidation Management System in place, where you build your portfolio for each Annual Appraisal. Begin to gather supporting information for your Annual Appraisal to demonstrate how you are meeting the professional values set out by the GMC in "Good Medical Practice Framework for Appraisal and Revalidation."  This process will take time therefore we advise you start early to avoid a possible Deferral in the event of late portfolio submission or producing a portfolio that does not meet the necessary standard.

As part of Appraisal and Revalidation you need to collect the key elements of supporting information listed below:

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) - You are required to complete courses, attend lectures, presentations, etc. to ensure knowledge of your medical specialty is kept up-to-date. You should accumulate the number of Continuing Professional Development points (CPD points) recommended by your Royal College or detailed in your Personal Development Plan from your previous year's Annual Appraisal. 

Quality Improvement Activity - This could be an audit or a patient case study, etc.

Significant Events - This would include near misses or incidents that changed protocol, etc.

Feedback from Colleagues

Feedback from Patients

Review of Complaints and Compliments

Declaration of Health

Declaration of Probity 

You should also read "How Doctors Can Meet The GMC's Requirements For Revalidation In The First Cycle" and refer to your relevant specialty guidance.  

3. Prepare for Appraisal - Reflect on how you are meeting the principles and values of the four domains of the Good Medical Practice Framework for Appraisal and Revalidation.  You will need to consider the following points (further details in Medical Appraisal Guide):

*** Your Supporting Information - Ensure you have a certificate for every course you have completed, or documentary proof that you have attended a lecture, presentation or conference to include in your portfolio.  Make reflective notes in your portfolio to accompany every course completed and each lecture, presentation or conference attended.

***Scope and Nature of Your Practise - Complete a full description of your current work.

***Previous Year's Personal Development Plan (PDP) - Work through the tasks set by your Appraiser in your previous year's PDP to achieve the goals set.  

***Personal Achievements, Challenges and Aspirations - Include reflective notes in your portfolio for each of these elements.

4. Participate in Appraisal - this is a confidential review of your portfolio.  Your Appraiser will support, guide and constructively challenge you on the work submitted.  

5. Have Your Appraisal Signed Off - This is a written summary of your Appraisal and a new Personal Development Plan (PDP) for the following 12 months will be produced in collaboration with your Appraiser.  Your Appraiser will make some statements to your Responsible Officer that will relate to your final Revalidation recommendation.

6. Steps 2 to 5 Should Be Repeated Each Year

7. GMC Revalidation Confirmation Recieved From The General Medical Council - Provided the above steps are completed (with no unaddressed concerns) your Responsible Officer will provide a positive recommendation to the GMC who will then respond with confirmation that they wish to continue (Revalidate) your licence.

We provide ongoing help and support to all our full time locums throughout the Revalidation process.  If you wish to discuss your own Annual Appraisal or Revalidation in more detail, please contact any of our team who will be happy to guide you further. 


Posted on Wednesday Sep 30