Revalidation and Annual Appraisals at Corrigan's Door

In December 2012 the General Medical Council (GMC) introduced Revalidation.  Every doctor with a License to Practice in the UK is now required to produce an Annual Portfolio which must meet the criteria set by the GMC.  Each cycle of Revalidation runs for 5 years.  Doctors with a License to Practise must complete 5 Annual Appraisals within each cycle of Revalidation.  In addition, in the year when the doctor is to be Revalidated they must participate in the 360 Degree Feedback Process, where the doctor must obtain anonymous feedback from a minimum of 12 healthcare worker colleagues and collect a minimum of 17 paper feedback forms from patients.  This feedback is used to produce a 360 Degree Feedback Report which is compared to every other doctor's 360 Degree Feedback Report being produced in the same 12 week period.  The comparison shows whether the doctor's feedback is above average, average or falls below average compared to the other doctors' 360 Degree Reports.  The doctor's Responsible Officer then looks through each of the doctor's Appraisals, together with their 360 Degree Feedback Report, in order to assess whether the doctor is fit to practise and of a high enough standard to be Revalidated.

Corrigan's Door Locum Agency is a GMC “Designated Body” and is able to Revalidate doctors in exactly the same way as a NHS Trust. We have our own in-house Responsible Officer and provide all of our full time doctors with free access to Equiniti, the same portal based Revalidation Management System used in the NHS and free Annual Appraisals carried out by a NHS Trained Consultant Appraiser.  We also offer free Continuing Professional Development Courses to ensure our doctors achieve 50 CPD points for each Appraisal. 

Our Responsible Officer, Lead Appraiser and Revalidation Team provide year round guidance on how to ensure our full time doctors' portfolios meet the criteria set by the GMC and include the elements needed for a successful Annual Appraisal.  Should you return to the NHS your portfolios are completely portable and easily transferred to your new NHS Trust, meaning you never miss an Appraisal year.

Corrigan’s Door is more than happy to discuss your Revalidation needs. There is also a great deal of information and downloads provided on the GMC website GMC link.

Also in 2016 NHS England produced a very useful document "The Medical Appraisal Checklist", which can be downloaded from the link below:

This document provides straightforward information on what is required to meet the required standard in each section of your portfolio.  If you would like to know more about the support we offer our doctors, please call our Revalidation Team on TEL: 020 8566 0268