Medical CV Tips for Locum Doctors

With stiff competition between locum doctors, writing a strong CV is paramount to your chances of landing that dream locum contract. 

Studying pages of long winded paragraphs can be a really off putting job for both time-constrained medical consultants as well as the medical staffing officers, therefore it's important to try and create a CV that is as streamlined and as simple as possible.  

Neat bullet points, listings and clear formatting should be paramount if you wish to be in with a fighting chance of being selected for that competitive locum contract.  If your CV doesn't cause the consultant a headache, you’re a lot more likely to get booked, it's often as simple as that (as long as you have the required experience of course) .

Consistency:  Ensure that your CV is structured and formatted in the same fashion throughout.  It always surprises us as to how many CV's we are sent with differences found in font, spacing and formatting across the various sections.

Your CV should ideally be tailored towards the job you are applying for.  Creating a CV that is specific towards certain posts helps present you in the best possible light for the differing roles.  Also add the most relevant experience to the front of the CV, therefore ensuring that it is read first. We recommend that you keep your CV constantly updated, with your current post entered as the first role in your employment history.  Adding a short summary for each assignment is helpful for employers when it comes to analysing your skillset.

Ensure that your dates match up and avoid gaps in your career history.  Any unavoidable gaps on your CV must be accounted for before your CV is submitted.

Your CV should be accessible therefore make sure the file can be opened easily on any computer. 

Spelling and grammar. Attention to detail starts with the CV you present, therefore, avoid making unnecessary mistakes if you want to impress the hiring manager.

Be concise and relevant.  Include all the required information but avoid rambling on unnecessarily, as you'll only bore the hiring manager.   

Do Not's....

Avoid wasting space. Cover sheets, content pages and indexes detract attention from the important information you are trying to relay to to the hiring consultant. 

Use bullet points rather than long paragraphs.  Like many of us, most hiring consultants don't have time to read pages and pages of your work experience.  Bullet points are quick, and to the point - use them!

Lying - do not do it on your CV.  
Avoid assuming - If it's not on your CV the reader won’t know that you have it. Don’t assume they will know about your advanced certifications or have knowledge about previous hospitals you have worked in.

Trusting the spell check function.  Take time to manually check your spellings as a real word may actually be one of your errors and therefore not get picked up by the computer.


Points Worth Remembering...
Quality is always better than quantity on a CV. Aim for 3-6 pages in length with enough information to demonstrate you can perform the job you are applying for well.

Have a friend or colleague proof read your CV before sending it out.  We will of course advise you on any suggested improvements but the stronger your CV is before it gets sent to us, the better your chances of netting that ideal job!

Posted on Wednesday Jul 29